It is Enough

Writing poetry is a way for me to get the chitter chatter out from under my brain. To make sense of the emotions that I have over current events, family experiences, and memories. It’s such a relief for me as the words come out and are stitched together in rows of one, two, three, maybe even four word sentences. Get it all out and once that happens, it can be released. Those feelings of fear, anger, shame just gone, or at least lessened a bit.

Most of my weekly poetry I post onto my Instagram page, as it tumbles out of my head. Here is a more recent poetry post I composed as I sat under a rather large Eucalyptus tree at the park.

I love the way that parks sound, especially during the weekdays, early mornings. They have a particular silence to them that is mesmerizing, hypnotic, really. A silence that is so rare in today’s noisy world, it’s jolting to the senses at first but after a few seconds is so very healing. In that kind of silence, I can finally listen to what my brain is whispering and on that particular day this array of words came out and really spoke to and through my heart. I can only hope that my mind hears what my heart whispers, “It is enough”.


– Mona

P.S. Just in case, anyone is wondering, I write using my given name, Ramona and my married name, Reyes.  Ramona Reyes.  I blog using the more casual, Mona, which is a shortened derivative of Ramona.



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