Busted Chanclas

I’m soooooo sad. After seven years of faithful service my flip-flops or chanclas or slippahs are done.

Please permit me a moment to say, “Gracias Chanclitas for all the trustworthy shuffling you accompanied me on, from our daily run arounds cleaning the house, doing the laundry, puttering in the garden, going to the market, standing in line at Michaels or the library to the walks down to the beach, or up those cement steps at the track to see my girl run.

You and I have walked many a step here across our beloved SoCal beaches but also in Hawaii in Hapuna Beach, Makena Beach, Waikiki, our beloved Waikoloa and Kaanapali.

Do you remember our yearly visits to Coronado, Disneyland and Santa Barbara? I do. You never complained dear little chanclas of all the miles I put on you. Always there waiting for me.

The truth is chancla mia, you were my favorite out of all the other shoes in my closet. T-straps, flats, wedges, platforms, tennis shoes, even those red soled high heels from my caviar days had nothing on my $5 dollar pair of Old Navy slippahs. You will be missed. Sob! 

Please understand that after a proper time of mourning, I will have to find a replacement but the memories we had will always be with me. 

Disclaimer: No, I haven’t lost my marbles and you see I’m not always broody. Just feeling a bit silly.

– Mona

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