Meet Pedro …

Pedro is the protagonist of the “Chicano Vampire Series” …still, a very rough work in progress, and yes I do know that popular opinion has it that no one is writing about vampires anymore and that Chicano Studies as a field of study is in jeopardy. But, you’re wrong on both accounts. I’m writing about vampires and they happen to be Chicanos living in East Los Angeles. Both subjects it would seem are, then very much alive, so to speak.

Now, back to my introduction of Pedro, protagonist of the series: …

… “And so what is my job now? Well first, I am like the period in the sentence. The last point at the end of the road. I am a period and honestly, I am not at all happy with my place in your life’s sentence. I would have much rather liked to be a big, tall, capital letter. The beginning. But no, because of one ridiculous and random thought I had 592 years ago and because my best friend heard me and thinking she was helping me out, here I am, the period in someone’s bright beginning.” …

I’m having the most fun writing this series. There is no sadness or bitter realities to deal with and the very real consequences of unkind behavior of men and women towards other men and women. This series is purely fantasy informed slightly by real world current events. Oh, wait, maybe there is, after all some reality that does mange to seep through this narrative.

– Mona

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