Pallet Planter DIY

Hello! Just in time for some spring planting, a Pallet Planter DIY for those beautiful succulents.

First, gather your supplies.  You will need succulents, terra cotta pots, pipe coupers, nails, a hammer, and a pallet.

Pallet Planter 1

Second, clean pallet from debris and rough splinters.

Pallet Planter 2

Third, set pipe coupers where you want your planters to hang on the pallet.  Once, you are satisfied with their location on the pallet, secure with a nail onto pallet.

Pallet Planter 3

Pallet Planter 4

Fourth, stand up your pallet ( you may lean against house or back fence, but I suggest securing it to a standing wall or fence so it doesn’t  fall over. Please seek advice from your hardware store for securing to house or fence, as you do not want to damage the exterior of your house.)  Place terra-cotta planter with succulent into pipe couper and you are done.

Pallet Planter 6Pallet Planter 7

Hope you enjoy your new pallet planter.

– Mona

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