Yesterday and Today Speaks of A Tommorrow

Yesterday afternoon my computer went haywire with all sorts of gobbly crazy scrolling rolling across my screen after I attempted to upgrade to Yosemite in my pursuit of upgrading Scrivener.

The upgrades went South and I thought I had lost all my writings from the past 8 years.

I put a brave face on. Honestly, I was neither scared, mad, or bereft. Rather, I felt a strange sense of relief and peace. I’m sure that was just shock.

The proverbial door on my past really was being closed. Be careful what you hope for, right?

I had notes I could reference. I could start the book again, and the short stories, too. As for the poems, if they aren’t on my note phone app, lost they are, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because they aren’t very good, just alot of emotion washing out on the page, much like this sentence and all my first-person blog posts. Oh, boy.

Yet, I still took my little silver sick friend into the Mac Store. After a wait of four hours for my appointment, the tech person suggested I buy an external drive to back up all my files before any work was done. Yes, I didn’t have a back up of my writing, anywhere. I’m a dummy, or perhaps the reluctance to save my work speaks to something else, altogether. More on that, at another time.

Back to the Mac store. After backing up my files, they re-installed or re-formatted my laptop with Sierra. The whole instore process took around two hours. Though my computer is slower than before, it works and the files are there and on my new drive. The operating system is new but I’m just a teeney bit afraid to try and upgrade Scrivner and screw it up all over again.

And so this is where I am today.

Awake at 5 am on a Saturday morning, laptop closed on top of the dining room table, and me with arms crossed, coffee cup in hand, staring out at the sun rising over the tops of our port town.

Indeed, the sun did come up afterall. A tommorrow was not stopped by computer malfunctions and my heart still hopes.

For what? I’m not too sure, but it did rise. That, afterall is the point.

(Note: Written in my home on the WordPress iPhone app after I cranked up the portable heaters all through the house.)


I am tired of throwing it back to Thursday or Flashing back to Friday.

I am tired of thinking the past was better than the present.

And yeah, maybe certain days in the past were better in some areas but the present, the today, is good, too. Damn good, actually and getting better.

So with that in mind every Thursday, I’ll be posting a “TodayThursday” here. A few photos and maybe some words about why Today is deliciously awesome.

Here is my #TodayThursday:

I invite you to join me in being in love and present in the now if you care to, by using the hashtag #TodayThursday over at Instagram because I would love to see why your Today is grand! And please keep it positive and clean, if you do join in.

Thank you.

(Note: Written in my car at 8:15 am looking out at the Redondo Beach Marina, waiting for my yoga class and sipping, yep, you guessed it glorious, delicious coffee.)

What Time Is It? Crochet Play Watch DIY

In this world of high tech gadgetry, an actual old fashioned time telling watch, I fear, may soon be a relic from the past. But not so soon and not without a bit of fun and whimsy.

Here is a pattern I made up a few years ago, first published on my blog, Love2Bloom for a Crochet Play Watch.

I made it in pink, but any color watch strap would be perfect. I just love them! This little project is a great way to use up those yarn scraps and makes a great tiny handmade surprise gift. Of course, it’s not a real watch, just a fun accessory.

Crochet Play Watch


“G” crochet hook

3.5 mm crochet hook

Pink yarn

White yarn

Gold yarn

Black embroidery floss

Tapestry needle

Make it! 

For the watch strap.

Ch 50 with “G” hook and pink yarn.

Sc in 2 nd ch from hook and across.

At the end, 2sc in last chain.

Do not turn.

Sc around to other side and across and around. Keep doing this until your watch band is as wide as you like.

The strap is made in rounds.

Join at top of end stitch and fasten off.  Set aside your watch strap.

For the time face:

With a 3.5 mm crochet hook and white yarn, Ch 2.

In second chain from hook, sc 8 times. You’ll have a little circle. Join at top of beginning ch.

Sc once in each stitch around. Continue for 4 more rounds until you have a large enough time face.

With gold yarn and tapestry needle, stitch a line around the edge of the face.

With black embroidery thread, stitch where the 12, 3, 6, and 9 should be. Stitch in the hands, too.

Secure the face to the watch band with yarn or thread.

To wear, tie the ends together around your wrist in a jaunty knot.

There you go! Easy crochet project done with what you have on hand.

(Note: Original post on Love2Bloom crochet and crafts blog. Repost here as I sat in my car waiting for my yoga class to begin. I thought it was still a cute and quick crochet craft make.)

Monday’s Little Letters: 1/7/18

Is it wrong of me to not feel hopeful and full of purpose so early in the year? To feel like the boxer in the ring , face smooshed against the mat, head pounding, fighting back the tears, tapping down the anger at the one who threw her down to the mat?

I want to yell, “Hey!!! I’m the one who is victim to your lies and mean spiritness. Why are you the winner?”

But I don’t. Or I can’t. In the middle of all this female indignation of #timesup , I, a woman can’t stand up against another woman who has more power than me and my own. I feel very much like Oprah Winfrey’s character in “The Color Purple”. They all circle around the bully, support her and empower her.

And me. I just grunt silently and write mightily.

(Note: Written as I woke , sitting at the kitchen table of my home in San Pedro,California, drinking a cup of coffee, wondering when the deluge of rain would hit Southern California and if it would wash me away, this time or finally clean off the year’s of quiet servile soot.)

The Best Keto Cakes

I’m on the Keto diet.

I hate calling it a diet because the word diet sounds temporary to me. I should say I’ve adapted a Keto lifestyle. Yes, that sounds more permanent.

Keto for me is the way to go. I feel way better in all ways. I’d explain the lifestyle but I’m no expert and if you google it, you’ll find lots of keto experts these days. Suffice it to say its working major mojo for me. Personally I started with a read of The Ketogenic Bible.

Here is a Keto breakfast that is tasty and easy. Before you gasp at the fat content , know that Keto is high fat and moderate protein with very low carbs.

Keto Pancakes:

12 tbsp of whipped cream cheese

4 medium eggs

2 tbsp of butter

2 and 1/4 scoops of vanilla whey protein

Mix everything up in a blender or nutribullet.

Cook like you would pancakes. Serve with bacon because bacon is king on keto. Enjoy!

( Note: Written between loads of laundry in the wee hours of the morning after I came back from holiday . )

I Can’t Go Back. I Really Can’t.

Towards the end of 2017, I felt nostalgic. Maybe it’s all the expected and unexpected, happy and dissappointing life changes that are happening to me and my little family. Change is good. Moving forward is liberating but it still feels trudgy.

I keep recalling how happy the homeschool years were, how good busy the Love2Bloom handmade business years were, how the past at home being a sahm/wahm was really good. And now they are gone or almost gone.

So the never say die me, set to recreate those happy days by reopening Love2Bloom. I went through tons of pics, set to writing a new biz plan, created media plans, dreamt those bigger than life dreams all set to the musical backdrop of Journey’s “Don’t stop believin..”

But like the presidential legacy that song ushered in back in the 1990’s, what I was trying to recreate hahad its time. No going back. Time to say goodbye.

The past was a good time but it needed to stay down. There was a reason why I stepped away from my Etsy biz, closed shop and moved on.

Tell that to my Type “A” heart, why don’t I.

While all this Bloom madness was going on I also brewed up the idea of launching once and for all an urban farmer venture with my homegrown lettuces, microgreens, and cut flowers. Boy did I get to work, hauling dirt, covering beds, measuring land, early December.

And did I mention that at the same time I was donning overalls and pitching hay I was designing a new launch of planner clips for my recent online business and there was also the house line of crochet goods and toy line I wanted to launch in Spring 2018.

Boy. I am just too much.

Fast forward to the day after Christmas and a screeching halt due to a visit to my personal homestead by That horrible houseguest, the flu.

I sat wondering what happened? I was doing well. But I wasn’t . I was driving myself harder than a red lipped whip cracking dominatrix in some underground LA entertainment dungeon. It wasn’t good. None of it.

And so from the 26th of December onward, I sat or rather slumped down under mounds of crochet blankets feeling like trodded over shit.

I managed to slunk my way with my family to our yearly get-a-away to Coronado Island and between the soaks in the Japanese style tub and the copious cups of Tazo Passion tea, I realized that the past needs to stay behind me.

No matter how good it was. That door of homeschool, home based business, homesteading is creaking towards closure.

That doesn’t mean I can’t make things or garden anymore. It just means that the outcome and the goal is not for sustenance and survival. Rather it will be for enjoyment. Fancy that. Enjoyment.

And that means a less frenzied, hard pressed all or nothing approach.

I can’t go back again but I see now that I really don’t care to.

On towards new doors opening wide.

(Note: Written in the midst of a migraine at home in San Pedro, California and the ensuing clarity produced by this painful lifelong companion that I’ve grown rather bored and tired of. I hate migraines.)

Slow Knitting

I’m a slow knitter and I hate that about myself. I googled “slow knitter why” and all answers point to the way I hold my yarn. English style not Continental style. If you are of the opinion that English style sounds frumpy and not at all fancy next to the high sounding Continental style, you are right.

The way the yarn is wrapped round the pinkie in Continental style and over the tops of the fingers to be guided by the index finger up and over your needles creates a quick free flow between yarn and needles. Continental Style so beguiling with its charm and promises.

English style, in contrast relies on dropping the yarn between stitches and wrapping it round the needle by hand with each and every stitch made. Think a bit clunky. The web calls this way amateurish and unskilled. Begginer’s territory. I call it the underdog and because it is so, English style is my champion.

I tried Continental style but thought my gauge ended up looking all messed up and I prefer the tight even gauge I get from a steady, albeit slow English style pace. So, English style it is for me and sweaters that take forever and a day and a week and a month plus a month and another month are my knitting destiny.

I say it’s my way of learning patience. A forced dialing down of ambition and fanciful dreams that scurry around and generally knock about the corners of my brain running themselves ragged.

I still hate that I knit slow, but knitting slow is relief. A pure and simple break from the hard driving pace I usually run all aspects of my life at. Knitting slow is my rest stop at the end of the day.

Presently, I’m knitting at the Cable Back Shell by Purl SoHo reststop.

Photo by PurlSoHo

I’ve decided not to include the cable in the back. Make it up plain instead. It’s a fairly easy pattern. I made one in grey last year with the cable and I love it. I also think its plain style will fit in nicely into my pared down essentials capsule wardrobe.

Here are some of my process pics, so far.

Am I impatient to finish? Hell yes! I want to start on a Swoncho designed by Caitlin Hunter and which looks like this ….

Isn’t that yummy? I can’t wait to start learning colorwork.

But alas I’m a slow knitter and I have only one knitting rule, don’t start a new project until you have completed the one you’re working on. And stick with, no matter what, the English style. It’s the underdog after all of knitting styles and winning is sweeter when you’re the underdog.

Tally ho!

( Written sitting in a chair in a hotel in Coronado, California at the end of a holiday escape from fast living L.A. enjoying the slow life with a bit of slow blogging and slow stitching.)