Slow Knitting

I’m a slow knitter and I hate that about myself. I googled “slow knitter why” and all answers point to the way I hold my yarn. English style not Continental style. If you are of the opinion that English style sounds frumpy and not at all fancy next to the high sounding Continental style, you are right.

The way the yarn is wrapped round the pinkie in Continental style and over the tops of the fingers to be guided by the index finger up and over your needles creates a quick free flow between yarn and needles. Continental Style so beguiling with its charm and promises.

English style, in contrast relies on dropping the yarn between stitches and wrapping it round the needle by hand with each and every stitch made. Think a bit clunky. The web calls this way amateurish and unskilled. Begginer’s territory. I call it the underdog and because it is so, English style is my champion.

I tried Continental style but thought my gauge ended up looking all messed up and I prefer the tight even gauge I get from a steady, albeit slow English style pace. So, English style it is for me and sweaters that take forever and a day and a week and a month plus a month and another month are my knitting destiny.

I say it’s my way of learning patience. A forced dialing down of ambition and fanciful dreams that scurry around and generally knock about the corners of my brain running themselves ragged.

I still hate that I knit slow, but knitting slow is relief. A pure and simple break from the hard driving pace I usually run all aspects of my life at. Knitting slow is my rest stop at the end of the day.

Presently, I’m knitting at the Cable Back Shell by Purl SoHo reststop.

Photo by PurlSoHo

I’ve decided not to include the cable in the back. Make it up plain instead. It’s a fairly easy pattern. I made one in grey last year with the cable and I love it. I also think its plain style will fit in nicely into my pared down essentials capsule wardrobe.

Here are some of my process pics, so far.

Am I impatient to finish? Hell yes! I want to start on a Swoncho designed by Caitlin Hunter and which looks like this ….

Isn’t that yummy? I can’t wait to start learning colorwork.

But alas I’m a slow knitter and I have only one knitting rule, don’t start a new project until you have completed the one you’re working on. And stick with, no matter what, the English style. It’s the underdog after all of knitting styles and winning is sweeter when you’re the underdog.

Tally ho!

( Written sitting in a chair in a hotel in Coronado, California at the end of a holiday escape from fast living L.A. enjoying the slow life with a bit of slow blogging and slow stitching.)

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