Pallet Planter DIY

Hello! Just in time for some spring planting, a Pallet Planter DIY for those beautiful succulents.

First, gather your supplies.  You will need succulents, terra cotta pots, pipe coupers, nails, a hammer, and a pallet.

Pallet Planter 1

Second, clean pallet from debris and rough splinters.

Pallet Planter 2

Third, set pipe coupers where you want your planters to hang on the pallet.  Once, you are satisfied with their location on the pallet, secure with a nail onto pallet.

Pallet Planter 3

Pallet Planter 4

Fourth, stand up your pallet ( you may lean against house or back fence, but I suggest securing it to a standing wall or fence so it doesn’t  fall over. Please seek advice from your hardware store for securing to house or fence, as you do not want to damage the exterior of your house.)  Place terra-cotta planter with succulent into pipe couper and you are done.

Pallet Planter 6Pallet Planter 7

Hope you enjoy your new pallet planter.

– Mona

Felt Tassel Necklace

Hi!  Tassels have been on trend for some time now and by the looks of some of today’s fashion magazines, they are still going strong for Spring and Summer, 2017.  Cool, so let’s get to making this very fabulous  Felt Tassel Necklace. 



Felt squares of assorted colors that you like. I decided on 7 different colors: light pink, lavendar, hot pink, fuscia, dark turquoise, burnt gold, and cream.

Craft glue

Gold leather cord

Chain for necklace

Gold Glitter Ribbon



“G” crochet hook


I made four tassels of each color but ended up using less than the four I made in each color as I assembled the necklace. It was a matter of seeing which color tassels needed to be included as part of the whole for me,  I hope that makes sense. Anyways, I stored the leftover tassels for other cute and quick makes, like keychains, zipper purse pulls, or earrings, etc.

Okay, onward. First you need to cut strips of felt that measure 4×1 inches. And fringe them by cuting into them, as shown in picture.

Felt Tassel Necklace 2

Then cut some twine for the tassel loop, about 1 1/2 inches.

Felt Tassel Necklace 3

Make oval with cut twine. Place a dot of glue at top edge of your fringed felt strip and place twine loop in place.

Felt Tassel Necklace 4

Felt Tassel Necklace 5

Roll tightly and secure end with craft glue .

Felt Tassel Necklace 6

Make four of each color. Once you make them all, set aside to dry completely before continuing. I also went back and made the fringes narrower with scissors.

Felt Tassel Necklace 7

Next, attach strips of ribbon to the top of each tassel with craft glue. This part was a bit messy. So, please pardon my glue tipped fingertips.

Felt Tassel Necklace 8

Felt Tassel Necklace 9

Felt Tassel Necklace 10

Set aside and let dry completely.

As they dry, grab a “G” hook … I know, I know, we’re going to crochet… Exciting!  I can barely contain my hooky enthusiasm … yet, I must for the sake of finishing this craft.

With the gold leather cord, make a loop on your hook.

Felt Tassel Necklace 12


Chain one.

Felt Tassel Necklace 13

Single crochet in and around adding the chain for 3 chain stitches until chain and cord are incorporated. You will begin to add tassels after these initial stitches.

Felt Tassel Necklace 14

Felt Tassel Necklace 15

With loop of leather cord still on hook, slip tassel onto hook by loop

Pull chain over hook.

Felt Tassel Necklace 17

Pull leather cord over hook and pull through chain, tassel loop and leather cord. Ch. 1 to secure. Continue to attach tassels to chain in this manner.

Felt Tassel Necklace18

When tassels have been attached, secure ends with a small knot and tuck in ends.  You’re done! Cute, huh? I think so.

Felt Tassel Necklace 1

I’m thinking the necklace would look great against a plain white or black tee, boyfriend jeans and a leather motorcycle jacket. Flats, heels or my personal favorite, flip flops on your feet would be a perfect casual but with a little glitzy fun thrown in.

Anyway you decide to style your new necklace, you’re sure to make a fashion statement with this unique and one-of-a-kind handmade felt tassel necklace


– Mona

Canvas Tote Bag

The following craft tutorial was first posted on my first blog: Love2Bloom, three years ago.

Hello there! Start of the week, end of the month and I’m feeling the DIY muse mighty strong.  A couple of months ago I had fallen in love with some fabric squares posted on Instagram by One Shabby Chick Hawaii. Why the instant love?  Because they had the cutest vintage typewriters on them and I’m always on the lookout for something “cute” to reignite and motivate the writer in me.  Not the blogger writer, blogging is my fun writing outlet, but the “I’ve been working on this stinkin’ novel and novella of short stories for the past two decades, haven’t finished and yes, I know that makes me a loser but when I do publish it’s going to knock your socks off!” kind of writer.

Blogging and DIY are huge procrastination tools for me.  I also stave off my writing duties with cooking, crocheting, instagraming, face booking, twitting, sleeping, gardening and cleaning my house.  Now, I really believe that the book gestating inside my brain for the past decade or so is a possible winner, but my old friends of “fear” and “insecurity” keep insisting on hanging out with me. I know they’re bringing me down, but I just can’t shake them. I need a BFF  break up plan!
What would be the best way to let these two down easy and minimize the withdrawal pains for me of their constant second guessing and criticism? Self-sabatoge can be such an addiction. Oh. Wow. Wait. Now that’s something I wasn’t prepared to explore.  Okay, well thank goodness for this post topic. Yes, back to the topic of this post. I can tackle that other heavy topic another day.  For now, let me show you what I made with the vintage typewriter fabric square.
Canvas Tote Bag 2

Materials Needed:

1 plain and sturdy canvas bag
1 fabric square with image
3 felt squares in complimenting colors
1 contrast fabric square
Embroidery thread
Embelishment trimming

Step One: Figure out in what order you want your squares to lie on the bag.  Play around with the color of the embroidery thread for each square as well, and placement of trimming. When you are satisfied with the look..

Step Two: Cut the squares out so that each will sit nicely inside the other. (NOTE: As with most of my on the fly DIY projects, I don’t worry too much about measurements.  I just eye ball it and go for it! If you would like a neater appearance, please feel free to measure each square and border around each one. To each their own. Whatever works and keeps the crafting fun and easy.)

Step Three: Once you have the squares cut out, you can begin to stitch one on top of each other, using embroidery thread and a straight stitch (I hand sewed each piece because I didn’t want to wake my household with the whrrrr and shaking of my old sewing machine but you could easily use a sewing machine, here)

Step Four: Next, add the embellishments and continue to stitch each square to the canvas bag. (You will continue to repeat Steps 3 and 4 until the bag is finished.)

Canvas Tote Bag 3


Canvas Tote Bag 4


Canvas Tote Bag 5

Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me.
 – Mona