One Skein Crochet Scarf Pattern

Because what the world needs now is Love, Sweet, Love and Another Crochet Scarf Pattern!

Come on, be honest, I know you need another pattern.

I, for one, need some LOVE, so why not head over to Love Crochet and download the pattern for this beautiful and quick make crochet scarf and in the process make my ever-loving day, well, more lovely!




– Mona

Leg Warmers

I am proud to call myself a child of seventies and the eighties and I love the way that trends of these by-gone eras have been resurrected, made new again and embraced by young and old nostalgia-prone groovy chicks like myself.
The legwarmer pattern I designed for you follows a basic crochet stitch and puff pattern I came up with a few years ago. The pattern which is easy to follow, makes an interesting texture, and stitches up pretty quickly.
Pattern stitches include: Single Crochet (Sc), Half Double Crochet (Hdc)  and a simple Puff Stitch for variety.  All stitches are suited for the beginner and experienced crocheter, alike.
The yarn I used for the ones pictured was a variegated type by Carons “Simply Soft” which gave it that sort of stripey affect. I think  it would look very rich in a dark solid colored hue, like wine or dark moss, as well.  It’s totally up to you which look to go for, ecclectic or elegant, which makes this pattern very versatile.
Pattern available for $2.00 at Love Crochet Pattern.
– Mona

Crochet Bead Necklace 

Glorious Spring! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Flowers, breezes and sun. My favorite season. 

This time of year always makes me yearn for something with sherbet colors to wear.  I thought a crochet bead and wooden bead necklace would be a perfect make for yourself or someone who is as fresh as a Spring Day! 

Crochet Bead Necklace 1

Crochet Wooden Bead Necklace


Hook size 2.10 mm

Embroidery Thread

Crochet Bead Necklace 2

Twine or leather cord

Wooden beads

Crochet Bead Necklace 3



Ch . 2 

Crochet BEad 4

In second chain from hook, sc 10 until you have a circle. Join at top with a sl st.

Crochet Bead 6





Keep Sc all the way around until the piece resembles a little bowl

Crochet Bead 7

Place wooden bead inside bowl, being careful to align crochet openings with open hole on bead

Crochet Bead 8

Crochet Bead 9

Sc tog , sc all around for two rounds

Sc tog last round. Fasten and weave in ends. 

Crochet Bead 10

Crochet Bead 11

String together beads for a necklace or a bracelet.

Crochet Bead 12


– Mona


T-Shirt Yarn Beach Bag

Spring is here and that can only mean that Summer is not far off and with the sun shining and no school, you’ll be off with family and friends to the beach, park, or amusement/water parks. And what you will need is a bag to tote your gear. Preferably, one that doesn’t have the name of your local supermarket’s logo emblazoned on the side. Rather, one that is cute and that you made yourself! Well, here is one for you.

Tshirt Bag 1

Isn’t it cute?  A few years ago I decided to crochet myself a beach bag to carry my yarn and stuff to and from the beach. One that was sturdy and roomy but not oversized and bland. This is what I came up with. Hope you like it.


T Shirt Yarn Beach Bag


Size K, J, or L crochet hook

T-shirt yarn in one solid color or a variety, if you plan to make stripes. (two skeins)


Ch. 17

Sc 2x in second ch from hook

Sc in remaining chs.

In last ch., Sc 2x

Sc in each chain on other side

In last ch., 2 Sc ( Note: You’ll be working in the round.) In next ch 2x Sc ( repeat twice).

Sc to end

Repeat last row in the round once.

Sc in the round for remainder of bag.

Note: Change color accordingly to how many  stripes you would like to make and their width.

When bag reaches the desired length, make handle by Sc 12 from end of bag, ch. 9 ( for handle) Sc to end.

Sc 12 from end, ch. 9 , Sc to end.

Slip stitch around, sc in and around chain .

When you reach end, fasten off and weave in ends.

Enjoy your make!

– Mona