I am tired of throwing it back to Thursday or Flashing back to Friday.

I am tired of thinking the past was better than the present.

And yeah, maybe certain days in the past were better in some areas but the present, the today, is good, too. Damn good, actually and getting better.

So with that in mind every Thursday, I’ll be posting a “TodayThursday” here. A few photos and maybe some words about why Today is deliciously awesome.

Here is my #TodayThursday:

I invite you to join me in being in love and present in the now if you care to, by using the hashtag #TodayThursday over at Instagram because I would love to see why your Today is grand! And please keep it positive and clean, if you do join in.

Thank you.

(Note: Written in my car at 8:15 am looking out at the Redondo Beach Marina, waiting for my yoga class and sipping, yep, you guessed it glorious, delicious coffee.)